Many of us, love to spend a lot of time every day, writing and reading in forums, blogs, site, social media, etc.

Some of us are making this for years. Some of us have already written in internet more books (in summary of pages) than Joules Vern has ever written in his whole life!.

Have you ever thought for the future of all this material; Will you let all this be lost in pass of time; Will you let all these nights that you have sat in front of your computer, giving your best to write nice posts, that enthusized your readers (ton of likes and positive comments may prove this) be lost in the infinitive of internet and the pass of time;

What about to reclaim it; Here is the right place, to do it. And procedures are veeerryyyy simple.

How it is done:

We try to make a collection of the nicest and most impressive posts that have been written in the internet all these years, and continue to be written daily.

Posts have to be shared here, so that can be seen evaluated from other people. The best and more likeable posts of the database, will be used to make a super collection that will be included in a book-ebook and take their place in history.

Everyone will win from that. Posters may earn some money from book publishing, and readers will have a database that will include the best post of internet, with a rating arragement, so they will not need to spend time in forums and sites to search for reading valuable things. They will all be collected here.

We would be happy to see you participate in this effort, and contribute to build a nice collection.

The procedure is very simple. The only thing that you have to do is to post the link of the recommended post or the whole post, in a comment under the tag POST COLLECTION. Posts have to be large enough with high quality and/or very good impression to the public.  Subjects may vary from analytical posts for social, economical, philosophical, etc themes, to “simply nice to read” posts for any reason (travel experiences, humor posts, etc). It is obvious that posts have to keep standards of politeness and to be non offensive for somenone or something (special people kategory, religions, etc).

Finally, make sure that you are the owner of the post, or you have the original poster’s lisence/aggreement to share it, or it is a post multishared on the net.

Comments and likes are free under every post, for evaluating reasons.

The project is in a beta stadium, so any feedback would be appreciated. You can make your comments under the initial welcome post, or send an email at

Changes maybe be done periodically in the site appearance and function for improvement reasons.

Many thanks

Bookofpost Team

  1. Andrew said:

    Good luck man, nice thought
    Many nice posts out there


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